Dear friends!
Thank you for your continued support of our products.
The time has come and I am very happy to introduce our new rewards and bonus system - indiPOINTS®.
A system that issue indiPOINTS® every time you shop. 
No need to sign up, no need to join. It's automatic.

A system where you can refer someone and get extra bonus points for it as soon as they made an order. 
Earn $5 credit every time you refer a buyer. They'll get our indiCREME® CBD sample for free with their $49 first order*.
No worries, they'll get $5 credit as well. 

It's logo is always on the lower right corner of your screen on front page. Phone too.

So, check it out once in a while to see if you're up for some nice rewards.
And thank you again for being a loyal customer,
Devan Bond, CEO
Sootheen Corporation
*indiPOINTS® system is designed to reward active customers and their referral parties. All transactions must be completed and funded before any reward points and vouchers are issued. Cancelled orders will automatically null all bonuses and its coupons, points and vouchers. While supplies last. No cash value. Expires within 365 days of funding.